Airpad Machines

Airpad Machines

The compact, portable and easy-to-use Airpad machines produce protective packaging and void-filling material at the touch of a button. No operator is required.
Airpad is made from rolls of flat film which are inflated with air, heat sealed and perforated. The formed pads are then coiled into a large light-weight roll or moved to a hopper system.



Fromm’s new rapid compact bubble on demand system Airpad AP150 generates 18 meters of film per minute with high speed. In addition the machine is very user friendly in execution and has good ergonomics with simple and reliable winder.


The new compact Airpad AP250 is a fast, simple and compact machine packed with the latest technologies. It produces different pad sizes only with a touch of a button and without changing film rolls. Padsizes from 110 mm to 400 mm can be produced. It also grants lower costs by using folded flat films without pre-seals and pre-perforation.


AP502 / AP503
AP502 and AP503 are fully automated and computerised Airpad machines which produce a sheet form of Air pillows of 6 different sizes from the same roll of film. These Air pillows are used for void filling in boxes to protect goods and because they are produced in a sheet format, are capable of being wrapped around larger items for complete protection during transit.
These machines are also programmed to create 49 different variations of the 6 sizes of Air Pillows which will allow our customers the freedom to create a pillow specifically geared to the product that requires transit protection at a touch of a button.



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